23.9.16 – Galaxians, Cactus Knife & Crake at Crux

At not other time in Rhubarb Bomb’s published history has there been so few venues in Wakefield to go out and see local and up and coming bands. There’s practically nothing at all, and I sense a “What The Fuck Happened To Wakefield?” article in the near future, but in truth I’m sure only about 7 people would actually care enough to read it.

However, for people who do care, or wished they cared like they used to, or are looking for something worthwhile to care about, we have Crux and this, the second show at the new co-cooperatively minded venue.

The kind of brilliant line-up that was common five years ago – it may now be rarer but that only makes it more special. Galaxians played the set of Long Division for us (helped by their surroundings in Neon Workshops, no doubt) mixing superb live drums with electro-pop funk keyboards and the perfect recent addition of a new singer (so new her name isn’t listed on the Facebook page – sorry!). Cactus Knife are now unquestionably honorable Wakefieldians after their long standing affiliation with The Ainsley Band and Yard Wars. Finally, Crake are the newest of the lot and still developing but a support slot at Mi Mye’s album launch was very well received.

It’s £2 in, it’s cheap booze and it’s good people. Let’s hope this is the start of the new era, and a new generation.

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