The Slow Readers Club @ Warehouse 23 by Lucy Quinn

On the 13th of March I saw “The Slow Readers Club” and “Shadow Party” play live at Warehouse 23 in Wakefield.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed both bands, for £16.50 a ticket the gig was easily accessible and completely worth the price. Whilst waiting for the performance to begin I noticed that the floor was incredibly sticky and was noticeable when I walked. This wasn’t a huge issue and obviously not the band’s fault. However, moving across the floor wasn’t easy.

When the supporting band began playing – Shadow Party – I instantly could feel the music through the vibrations of the speakers and it was an amazing feeling. Shadow Party and The Slow Reader’s Club are both Indie Rock bands which is my personal music preference and to feel the music beats through my body was an experience I’ll never forget.

On stage the bands demanded you attention, TSRC most of all, especially with the lead singer coming off the stage to lean into the audience. Between songs TSRC spoke to the audience and jokes were shared.

After the gig both bands stodd at the merch table and signed merch and spoke to the people who came to the show, which was incredibly friendly. The way in general the band interacted with the audience was amazing, towards the end a song finished and the audience began vocalising the beat of the song and the band began to play again.

There were some issues. There was an excessive use of flashing lights which was a little distracting. Despite the tickets being affordable, the merch wasn’t; a t-shirt for an up and coming band was £30 each and a badge was £5. I ended up buying a medium to small A3 poster for £5 too, however these were my only cons.

To conclude, the night was amazing, the show was well put together and enjoyable and I’d definitely go see the band live again.

Lucy Quinn



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