Baker Island Interview

Ahead of their show at Wharf Chambers on August 25th (with One Day After School and YOI) we speak to Philophobia Music’s newest signings Baker Island. Hailing from the North East and with an excellent debut album (currently championed by Steve Lamacq) due out the day of the gig, we spoke to them about their upcoming Yorkshire road trip.

Baker Island are going to be new to a fair few folk at the Wharf Chambers gig – can you sum up what we can expect on August 25th?

The nervous energy of being slightly uncomfortable on stage mixed with the excitement and fun of playing to people when anything can go wrong. I guess you can expect some noisy fuzz-pop with some synths and far too much (or maybe not enough) Kaoss pad. I think people that are fans of bands like Pavement, Pixies and The Fall should hopefully enjoy us.

There’s a great buzz as we head towards the album being released, how did the album come about and what were / are you hoping to achieve with it?

The album came about trying to combine pop songs with more experimental weirdness. It’s essentially the result of a 5 day DIY recording session and then a very necessary studio rescue job. So it’s a bit of a patchwork thing, a little broken in places, but that suits us fine. We just hope that people find some music on it that they like and come and see us, and allow us to keep making more. We’re just super chuffed that it’s coming out on vinyl on Philophobia and that hopefully more people will hear it.

You’re from Newcastle but the album has ended up on Wakefield’s Philophobia Music; how did that happen?

Last year we played at Brock N Broll in Chorley at a night run by the guys from Cactus Knife, whose split EP with Yard Wars is on Philophobia. They suggested we get in touch with Rob at Philophobia. We’d heard some of the other bands on Philophobia too with a similar sound, so once the album was ready we got in touch with Rob and luckily he liked it too!

What are your plans and hopes for the rest of the year?

We’ve got a good few dates lined up to support the release of the album (including a return to the Wharf Chambers in September!), so we’ll keep busy gigging. The scene in Newcastle is pretty healthy at the minute so we’ll also be hopefully playing some local shows with our friends here. We’re hoping people enjoy the album as well, obviously! We’ve got an EP already recorded that we did at Brock N Broll recently so hopefully we’ll get to put that out but maybe that’s early next year! It would be amazing to play outside of the UK at some point – you’ve got to have a dream haven’t you.

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