A Carefully Planned Festival 2016 Preview

Obviously City based festivals are close to our hearts. Location is at the heart of a successful festival now, whether it is an interesting and quirky city, or something built around a landmark, such as Bluedot or Festival Number 6.

A Carefully Planned Festival takes place in the best part of Manchester, the bit with Piccadilly Records and Night & Day. That is my early recollection of that area of Manchester anyway; traipsing over to watch bands at the N&D that would never tour anywhere closer to Wakefield.

Of course, the Northern Quarter is chock full of brilliant shops, bars and eateries now – more than an entire city like Wakefield has in its entirety. Which is part of the appeal of heading over for me, but even for those in more cosmopolitan areas there are plenty of other reasons, but i’ll give you best two.

First up, thew price. £20 for a weekend ticket, for access to 160 bands from across the UK, playing in some brilliant and intimate spaces? That leaves plenty of spare cash for quality drinking, merchandise and drunken book purchases.

The line-up itself is great, particularly for people such as I, looking for something new and interesting. I don’t know the majority of the bands on the lineup, which is a huge plus point. Why? Because ACP has been going long enough that I trust their judgement, and know my hours of exploring won’t be in vain.

That said, picks of those I do know (in handy alphabetical order) would be:

Admiral Fallow – Ace and Scottish. Or Scottish and Ace.

Allusondrugs – Obviously.

Baby In Vain – Gutted that they were a last minute drop out for Long Division. Danish Grungeyness. Great tunes.

Joanna Gruesome – Perennial escapees from the Long Division lineup. Don’t hold that against them.

Living Body – We know Jeff from Juffage and this is his new thing, with other people too. Have heard great things but yet to see them.

NARCS – Fantastic album earlier this year. I missed them at Long Division but everyone was talking about how they destroyed Warehouse 23.

One Day, After School – Well, it’d be rude to mention our own One Day, After School. Are they the only Wakefield band representing?

With winter fast approaching, get out of the house and on the train / bus / plane whilst it isn’t insulting cold and awkward.

More details including tickets here.


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