Clue Club

We’ve always loved Clue Records and 2017 has seen them take on one of their most ambitious and potentially pioneering projects – one we urge you to get involved in.

Signing up in December for 12 months of ‘stuff’, Rhubarb Bomb has so far being thrilled to receive four monthly fanzines, each curated by a different band or artist. They contain interviews, puzzles, playlists and artwork. Each issue, posted to our door, also contains a digital release (which will be compiled into a CD at the end of the year) and a podcast. We’ve also got ourselves a super cool Tote Bag, with a T-shirt yet to come.

Sounds ace right? Well, with 4 months gone, they are now offering the rest of the year at a bargain £20. That still backdates the stuff you’ve missed. You really should check it out here.

It’s a great system. Receiving a letter with a fanzine inside is novel enough, but in our fast paced world, the monthly delivery is a great, constant reminder of the label and all the hard work it does. It’s also a really smart way for the label – who have generally had the view of working with less artists, but putting more time into them – to work with some exciting new artists.

Good luck to them – at £20 it’s well worth your money.

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