Coastival Preview

Coastival is brand new to our radar here at Rhubarb Bomb but were re certainly glad we came across it.

Taking place in Scarborough in February might seem slightly insane, but this is a really interesting festival proposition. It’s theme for 2017 is – suitably for us – “The Unexpected”. Although it would perhaps be most closely connected to ‘city centre’ festivals like our own Long Division, it is in fact something else. Unlike those city centre music festivals that take over the available venues and pub rooms for the weekend, this is something bigger and yes, more unexpected.

Music only makes up a small part of the overall programme, with a much wider Arts offer to get your head around. A small selection includes a project to create the entirety of Scarborough within Minecraft, Open Studios, Community Choirs, an exhibition of Ordanance Survey Maps and, well, there is actually too much to even list the highlights here. The amount happening is overhwleming and the absolute majority of it is free, with a healthy chunk dedicated to kids too. Take a look here for more details.

The idea of events happening in unexpected locations is one dear to us, so we are simply looking forward to exploring the town itself. There is a dedicated music stage however, where we may feel more at home. Organised by Backseat Mafia, it includes our own One Day, After School plus a great selection of up and coming talent. You can see the music lineup here.

Again, it’s free. I don’t know if it is just world politics that is tiring me out, but I already feel like a holiday. It may be the British coast in February, but Coastival feels like it has come along at exactly the right time. If you are looking for a getaway this weekend, you could do a lot worse than giving Coastival a chance.

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