Crowdfunder for 2012-2017 Book / Album Launched

Rhubarb Bomb turned TEN this week. Ten long years in which the world and Wakefield have changed an awful lot. And to mark this occasion, we are launching a Crowdfunder to raise funds to publish a book about all that we’ve done from 2012-2017 plus an accompanying album featuring bands that have appeared in the zine.

In terms of output and excitement, Rhubarb Bomb was probably at its peak five years ago, when we released our “The City Consumes Us” book and compilation album which covered 2007-2012, after a successful Crowdfunding Campaign.

I wasn’t sure if there would be a second book. That should be clear, because if it had definitely been on the cards, it would be here already, tied in with the birthday itself.

Because Rhubarb Bomb has released fewer zines since 2012 than it did before, I thought there wouldn’t be enough for a book. But as I began to look through the archives, I realised there was loads of interesting stuff. And alot of it is unreleased, for a variety of reasons, including Long Division becoming a priority, the absolute impossibility of getting £50 from anyone to pay for printing, the coming and going of different designers and, well, life. Add to that the work with the Wakefield Express and the stuff that was published and we’ve got something interesting. There’s a long list of just some of what we’ve unearthed on the Crowdfunder page.

As with the first book, themes and ideas and stories begin to appear and I’d love to tackle them all, stringing them all into a narrative as we did with the first book.

But this is genuinely down to the people. If you want it, I’ll do it. If we make the total on the Crowdfunder, I’ll spend my summer indoors pulling it all together and making something that hopefully does justice to all those who were involved.

Take a look and get involved.

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