Magdalene Odundo Exhibition @ The Hepworth – Victoria Morgan

On the 23rd February 2019 the rest of the Young Team and I visited the Hepworth in Wakefield. In The Hepworth we viewed the recent art exhibition created by Magdalene Odundo, who showed 50 of her own pieces and others that inspired her along the way. To me, her exhibition was one of the greatest I’ve seen.

The sculpture named ‘Bird swallowing a fish’ really spoke to me; I really liked this piece. The structure moved me as it represented the circle of life and the food chain, and how these things must occur, so life goes on. Really inspiring. It was made of tin and was in the shape of a bird, but in its mouth was the tail of a fish. The piece flowed smoothly and made me feel relaxed.

The next one that caught my eye was ‘El Anatsui’. I thought the blanket of colourful metal waste was epic as I loved the colours and the vibrancy of the piece it really drew me in. The wavy pattern and texture weirdly made me feel happy as I like how the piece flows. Unfortunately, the rock looking one I didn’t really like as I felt claustrophobic looking at it. The blandness of the outside made me think of an introvert personality.

The Elizabethan piece that would have rarely survived spoke out to me as lucky and made me feel a sense of pride that it had survived. This piece was a corset made of iron, possibly made to permanently alter a women’s waist in the Elizabethan era.

Looking at the exhibition, I saw most of it was a washed-out colour on pottery designs. In general, I thought the pottery was a bit bland and needed more colour. the imaginative designs really captured the creativity of the artist, but overall, I felt it needed more colour for me.
Victoria Morgan

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