Not Fest Poetry Event @ Henry Boons by Lucy Quinn

Poetry Night in a pub. Nothing more Yorkshire than that. On the 29th of March I attended Not Fest, a spoken word night at Henry Boons and I loved it.

I always assumed those who performed poetry outwardly were pompous and ostentatious and I was proved wrong. The atmosphere was comfy and everyone there was cheery.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed reading poetry and after the Artwalk, writing it, so I had high hopes for this event. I wanted to see other styles and ways I could perform my poetry.

The first half of the night was interesting. A lovely old lady wrote and performed quite a raunchy poem about James Bond and showed me that poetry doesn’t have to be sad and depressing all the time. Poetry is supposed to be the expulsion of thoughts from someone’s mind, and these thoughts can be happy! Poetry can be happy.

During the second half I was welcomed to perform a piece of my own poetry which was brilliant. It really added to the welcoming atmosphere and whilst I wasn’t experienced as others there, I was applauded just as hard.

The three main poets on the night were: Matt Nicholson – who also hosted most of the event. His poetry focused on darker events in life and he spoke with great enthusiasm. Genevieve Walsh who wrote different types of poetry – my favourite being “why aren’t we drinking Jagerbombs and why are we still wearing clothes.” She performed in a care free way and really set the tone.

My favourite poet was Helen Rhodes. I found her incredibly funny and painfully honest. Some of her poetry didn’t focus on super important topics such as one about people leaving urine on the toilet seats. However, some did have deeper meaning. She also exposed herself as being incredibly anxious and a sufferer of depression. I think I enjoyed the night mainly because of her, she really inspired me.

Overall, I really enjoyed the poetry night. The atmosphere was incredibly friendly and I felt at ease the whole night through and was inspired to venture and write different types of poetry.

Lucy Quinn


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