Phank Phuck Phor Philophobia

Wakefield’s Philophobia Music celebrates nine years of releasing music this weekend with a fundraiser featuring three days of music.

I feel I’ve written a lifetime of previews for Philophobia events and it becomes harder and harder to find an angle, to express a reason why you should care and give your time. My old go-to was this idea that an all-dayer (or a compilation) is the perfect entry to what is an increasingly overwhelming back catalogue of releases, often interconnected though band members and history. It’s like trying to sell someone The Fall.

That’s still a good reason for this coming weekend, I just find it hard to believe there would still be an overlap on the venn diagram between the groups of “Would be interested in these bands” and “Has never seen or heard these bands.” People have made their minds up by now.

But Philophobia has always offered value and in vast quantities, so this weekend represents a genuine celebration of lots of talented musicians and the record label that had the courage to first expose them to the world.

The entire weekend is a fundraiser to make sure they can continue doing that in the future. However, it is also Pay What You Feel which means anyone can get involved.

Friday is an excellent line-up in it’s own right. Jim Konapinsky (aka James from Post War Glamour Girls) opens with short stories, poems, thoughts, followed by a now all too rare live performance from St Gregory Orange and closing with a set from an ever increasingly on form Mi Mye.

Saturday hosts the bread and butter of the label with Sux Blood, Yard Wars, The Do’s, One Day After School, Kneezard, Fur Blend, Take Turns, Piskie Sits, The Reacharounds, plus the only Wakefield date this year from The Spills and the LAST EVER gigs from Climbing Alice and The Ainsley Band.

Sunday has a slightly more laid back feel and sees some new faces join the PHOP regulars with The Tidy Wives, JJ Swimsuit, Chloe Juliette Beswick, Charlie Padfield and Ralph Dartford & The Bleeding Obvious.

It’s an epic line-up. Wakefield has a small but solid army of dedicated music fans, alot of them in bands themselves. The line-up contains a nice mix of final farewells and new artists and collaborations that can attract new audiences to a PHOP weekender, but I feel like it is that small army that especially needs to show their appreciation this weekend. It’s an aging army, busy with life and it’s all too easy to put-off going out and supporting the cause.

This is the time you should over-rule life. Philophobia have done their part, not just by surviving, but by putting together a great weekend, for free, in a great, friendly and welcoming venue. If we want that to continue, this fundraiser is the place to do it. This is the time to stand up and support them and all they do – no excuses.







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