Rhubarb Bomb is began life 2007, as a fanzine based in Wakefield. The last issue (to date) was released in April 2015.

A book recounting the first five years of the zine was written and released in 2012 after a successful Crowdfunding campaign and was called The City Consumes Us. The book included an album including exclusive tracks from Wakefield Bands past and present, including The Cribs, The Research and Pylon.

In 2011 Rhubarb Bomb created Long Division, a festival which takes place annually in Wakefield City Centre and it Wakefield’s largest festival of culture and music.

Rhubarb Bomb has arranged a number of one-off gigs, including shows at The Hepworth and including artists such as Emma Pollock, RM Hubbert, Luke Haines, Her Name Is Calla, Zoey Van Goey, Napoleon IIIrd, Man Made and many more we are struggling to remember.

From October 2012 ’til January 2016 Rhubarb Bomb wrote a weekly column for the Wakefield Express.