Scott Wainwright by Callum Graystock

It’s is a sunny afternoon at 12:30pm in Wakefield town centre we are inside a large wooden tent (yurt) listening to Scott Wainwright play country music telling the odd few jokes In-between to amuse the crowd.

The guitar can be heard through the city centre as it is hooked to a D.I box and an SM58 microphone. The yurt is quite spacious with room for roughly 30-40 people and the bar inside supplies the audience with all of there drinks and possibly a few snacks.

The music was mainly country based which I myself am not so interested in yet that said, this preformed is quite skilled with a guitar so I was mainly interested in watching him play the guitar more than anything else.

The music being played could be heard throughout the city centre due to the loud nature of the music which I personally think is intentional to entice more members of the public, which it defiantly did. Around the yurt the street was filled with brown huts each one selling some kind of product to the public anything from drinks, food, charms, etc. Although due to this the streets where heavily crowded and hard to navigate through, overall I think this festival was quite entertaining weighing out the crowded streets.

Callum Graystock


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