Scott Wainwright @ Wakefield Food & Drink Festival by Victoria Morgan

On the 23rd February 2019, the young team and I visited the Rhubarb Festival, in the centre of Wakefield. At the Rhubarb Festival, we listened to Scott Wainwright, who’s work, I think, is impressive. After that we wondered around the stalls seeing what the festival had to offer and there was a range of food and items being sold. I’d personally describe my experience here as the ‘weird and the wonderful’.

First, Scott Wainwright was awesome. Although I didn’t get to watch most of his performance, I saw that he played on his acoustic guitar and he had a harmonica which I thought was unique. His humorous attitude was comforting, and he had his own ‘hip hop’ song, yet again making him a unique Yorkshire man with a very Yorkshire attitude. He put his own spin on each song and made it his own which I think is very creative and shows his artistic nature. The small tent made the atmosphere very intimate. Some children and adults got up and danced a bit in the middle of the floor. I thought that it was very sweet. The genre was a country style, I think Scott’s intention was to make the audience feel relaxed and comfortable in the small venue we were in. He was very successful, I think, in doing so.

After watching Scott Wainwright, we wondered around the different stalls. Each stall had something different to offer, which I thought was excellent because there was something for everyone. There were many food stalls containing sweets, chocolate, fudge, burgers, kebabs, jams/curds/chutney, pizza and many more that I can’t remember! This worked well as the whole community could get involved and try new things, experience new activities they never thought existed!

Overall, I really enjoyed the Rhubarb Festival because I enjoy joining various, different foods and arts and bringing them together at one social community gathering. Scott’s performance was outstanding, and it has given me an insight to more local acts that I could visit and see. It’s not how I would’ve typically spent my Saturday afternoon, but I preferred the change of environment!

Victoria Morgan

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