Slow Readers Club @ Warehouse 23 by Callum Graystock

The Slow Readers gig on 13th March was definitely a night to remember, the energetic atmosphere fuelled the band’s music, creating an electric night.

The band of 4 came on after an entertaining support band that go by the name of ‘Shadow Party’. Shadow Party played for roughly an hour to warm up the crowd whilst the room slowly filled up waiting for Slow Readers Club.

By the time the Slow Readers Club had come on stage the venue was full and instantly an energetic atmosphere was created, the band played for roughly 2 hours whilst the crowd jumped, sang and shouted accompanying the melody, after they finished the band came and greeted their audience where me and some friends all gathered together for a photo with them, each member of the band where all inviting towards their audience throughout the meet and greets where they seemed pleased to see us all cheer them on. This was defiantly a fun night to remember. 

Callum Graystock


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