The Slow Readers Club @ Warehouse 23 – Dan Hannah

The Slow Readers Club venue was a brilliant gig. It took place on Wednesday the 13th of March 2019 at Warehouse23.

The doors opened at 7.30pm and the support band Shadow Party started at 8:00pm. They played for around and hour and they’re performance was enjoyable. All the band members put a lot of emotion into their performance which made it even better.

When The Slow Readers Club approached the stage a cheer came from the crowd. The place was packed with people and lucky for me I managed to get myself at the front. Their performance was amazing. The sound engineers did a brilliant job mixing too as all the levels were perfect. The energy from the crowd was also brilliant as there wasn’t a single song where a group of middle aged people weren’t singing along. There were some hardcore fans there who clearly had been following The Slow Readers Club tour. I found myself tapping my feet and at times I was really getting into it despite never hearing them before.

After the performance there was an opportunity to meet the band and i was lucky enough to get a photo with them. Since that evening they have become one of my favourite bands.

Dan Hannah


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