The Slow Readers Club @ Warehouse 23 by Victoria Morgan

I thought that The Slow Readers Club was amazing! I’m going to see them again. They were an indie rock band, which is my preferred music, and they had a strong beat and a catchy tune.

To begin with I thought the venue was very well picked as it was accessible for all the public and the ticket prices were a decent amount of money- nearly anyone could go to see them. The venue was quite a large open space with a few pillars holding the building up. In my opinion it was one of the best small venue layouts I’ve ever seen. Another positive about the venue was the metal barrier at the front. The barrier carried the vibrations of music and sound particles so not only were you hearing the sound, you were feeling it too. For me, that was one of the best things at the concert. Unfortunately, the downsides were that the floor was a bit too sticky- due to all the drinks being spilled. They could have at east try to wear it down a bit! Another negative was the merchandise. I thought that, for the size of the venue and how popular the band was, the merchandise was a bit too expensive. At £40 for a hoodie, I wouldn’t be able to afford much else. Aside from those two things, everything else was impressive.

When the band came on, they were quite friendly with the audience, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to be in. The variety of songs that they sung were from multiple albums, new and old. This was great because a range of songs covers the different wants and needs of the audience. On one occasion, they finished the song ‘On The TV’, but the audience carried on chanting the main guitar tune. Surprisingly, the band started another chorus of the song for the enjoyment of the audience, making me think that they are a very considerate band and care about their followers, which is one of the greatest things about a band. The audience also had a chant for them; ‘Readers!’ they shouted multiple times. It was obvious to me they were a very local band. The audience’s age on average compared to the young team and I was a little older than we’d expected, but that didn’t stop us from having fun!

Other than that, the sound quality and lighting at the gig was excellent. I’d probably have to be a bit more careful as I have photosensitive epilepsy and react to strobe lights, but as long as I take my medication I’m fine! Overall, I really loved the gig. I do admit the lights were a bit flashy for my liking, but the res of the night was epic!!

Victoria Morgan


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