All Spiller, No Filler Review

I found The Spills last album, Collecting Dust, to be a fairly labyrinthine piece of work. It was the result of a hardcore set of sessions that (I hear) saw them record around 30 songs and nearly cripple the sanity of their drummer Joe. The album itself took me longer than their previous work to dig down into but for that reason is also probably their most rewarding.

The new EP, taking some of those songs from the same sessions, is interesting as it could easily have been the odds and sods scraped up from the cutting room floor. But on first listen it makes me think… are The Spills just contrary bastards? Did they leave the hits off the album?

Or maybe this is the missing link between their first and second albums as the hooks are a little more upfront here. Or maybe they thought up the EP title first and thought, shit, we best save the big tunes for that.

That said the opener Never Thought spends a minute being ultra lo-fi, and then just a bit of silence to make you think the track has fucked up. Then we’re at mid-paced head bobbing territory until it’s quick conclusion. Track 2 Already Over then kicks in like the chorus that never happened in track one. Across the twelve minutes we drop in and out of and between beautiful and massive productions and these distant studio ambience interludes, which create an interesting atmosphere and give the feeling that we’re getting more than just ‘here’s four more songs from The Spills’.

I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t spend 12 minutes listening through this EP. It’s engaging and the songwriting and interplay of the band is as good as it gets – a professionalism and wisdom of a band that has honed their skills together over many years but with the playfulness and enjoyment of a band just starting out.

Check it out here, it’s available for whatever you choose to pay through Philophobia Music and Alcopop!


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