The Steve Fishwick Band @ Wakefield Jazz by Lucy Quinn

Black suits and skinny ties, watching Steve Fishwick, Matt Fishwick, Alex Garnett and Mike Khan perform their contemporary Jazz took me to an era from before I was born.

I have never been the type of person to go out of my way to listen to live Jazz yet I really enjoyed this. On the 22nd of March I went to Wakefield Sports Club to sit in on the weekly Wakefield Jazz night. With a half price student discount set at £8 I was impressed.

Whilst the audience were mainly middle aged or elderly people, the club were open to the younger generation – I felt welcome. The band even allowed me to take my own photos and send them to their email.

The actual Jazz show was incredibly interesting with each song seeming to fit within each other seamlessly. The first half was a tad boring, with little stage presence, resembling a high school performance. However, after the break, the performance picked up and made me excited to be there. I think the highlight of the night was Alex Garnett running off mid performance to order two lagers!

Overall I did enjoy the night, it was definitely something new for me and I never expected myself to be someone who’d listen to contemporary Jazz. I may go see more performances from Wakefield Jazz.

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